Campervanning problems and solutions

We would love to say that spending a long time in a converted campervan is a bed of roses, but unfortunately it isn’t. Of course, it is very rewarding and we love it, but there are a few practicality problems and hiccups that can come with campervanning. But for every problem there is also a solution.


As a general rule, campervans don’t have toilets, and as human, we need toilets. This means planning stops around the availability of toilets. Campsites will always provide loos, but if you are going to be wild camping, then you will need to research where the nearest public loos are.


Similarly, with showers, campervans don’t tend to come with them. Anyone with a small amount of ingenuity can rig one up on the outside of the van, but you may not be able to store the necessary water. Many beaches have cold water showers, or taps to collect water.

Plan in advance and work out how little you (and your companions) can get away with. A bucket is enough for a sponge down, but you can’t beat a nice hot shower. Plan to hit a campsite every few days.


How much?! If you have ever tried to visit that perfect little island via a ferry in your campervan you will have encountered the premium charge for them. If you only want to visit for a day or two, it is worth contacting local campsites to see if they will store your campervan for you. Many campsites can keep your campervan securely, so you can head away and not worry about it being broken into. This tends to be a lot cheaper overall than taking your campervan on a ferry.


Space is a premium in your campervan, especially if you are travelling with family or friends and you are taking a lot of kit with you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Ensure you get a campervan conversion that suits your needs, with plenty of storage and a good internal layout, so there is room for everyone to feel comfortable during the day and enough beds at night. Extras such as an awning also greatly help to increase the space, as you can still sit outside during bad weather.

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