Campervanning in the rain

Anyone who has ever been to Wales in the summer knows that it is a beautiful place with endless opportunity for adventure. However, it is also prone to a spot of rain. But we don’t let that put us off. There a various tricks to a successful campervan trip in the rain and as we are based in Wales, we know quite a few of them.

A top quality campervan conversion

The most important thing about any campervan trip is that you have a good campervan conversion. At Cascade Conversions we focus on maximising space, to make the campervan as comfortable as possible, while still having ample storage, some of which can be reached from the outside as well as in.

This helps as you can keep any wet, muddy gear stashed well away from the main living areas of your campervan so the inside will stay dry.

Be prepared

Being prepared for wet weather makes it a lot easier. Make sure you have plenty of bin bags to keep things dry, or store wet things. Take pegs, so you have a better chance of getting things dry. You can never have enough towels either, especially by the door of your campervan, to dry off before you go in.

Take entertainment

It is very easy to say that it doesn’t matter if it rains and you can carry on regardless, but sometimes it is simply nicer to stay inside a wait it out. Take some entertainment with you, whether it is electronic, or a good book.

Good clothing

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” Apparently. Invest in some good waterproofs and always keep a couple of spare jumpers in your campervan. Having some all weather gear really helps.

Pitch well

Although owning a campervan is all about getting out into the wilds sometimes it can be better to pitch somewhere conveniently located to a good pub. We won’t judge you.