Campervanning with friends

Campervan holidays can be really social as you meet lots of different people with similar interests. Campervan holidays are also a great way to go on holiday with a group of friends, as they are relaxing and fun, you have freedom and can visit all sorts of different places.

However, anyone who has ever organised a group holiday will tell you that the planning and execution of a successful trip requires the skill, patience and diplomacy normally required for organising a successful ceasefire in a war zone. But if you are fully prepared and have realistic expectations then you can end up having the holiday of a life time.


The one issue that always causes the most problems on a group holiday is the issue of money. There’s nothing worse than someone not paying up when they’re supposed to, or someone else surprising you with a bill that greatly exceeds your budget.

When you are first talking about a trip get everyone in the group to commit to a budget before you go any further. You also need to know when everyone can pay up by. If you are pitching your converted campervans somewhere that requires advanced payment then it is no use having one of your mates say that they can’t pay until after the trip.

On a holiday in your converted campervan the main costs will be fuel, food, drink and pitches. Decide how you want to split all these and what the budget is for each.


Pick a location that will please everyone. If half the people surf but the other half don’t, make sure that the half that don’t will have something to do other than sitting on a windswept beach and watching the action. Similarly, if you all like climbing, but some are more novice than others choose a location where everyone can have some fun. It’s no good if only some of the group have something to do.

Be prepared to compromise on where you go, as everyone will have different ideas, so remember that it is about the trip and the company.


Figure out before you go how you are going to sort out the basics of living, such as showering and cooking. For some groups they may be more than happy to forego the former in exchange for the perfect spot as they’ll be spending so much time in the sea. For other groups the thought of living closely together without a warm shower nearby would be abhorrent. You’ll know what category your group fits into.

You could take it in turns to cook meals in your converted campervans, or you may have one of those brilliant friends that is never happier than when they are cooking up a feast for a group of people. Chat about it before you set off and work out what food you’ll need to buy.


If you are all in separate campervans it doesn’t matter what you take. However, if there are a few of you in each van then you will need to enforce strict packing regulations so no one rocks up with the kitchen sink. That should already be in your van.

Have fun

Once you are on the road in your converted campervan then you can relax and have fun. Be prepared to discover things about your mates that you never knew and to go with it and have an adventure. This way you’ll have a very successful holiday in your converted campervan.