What should your campervan conversion include?

When you are planning on converting your VW campervan there are many things that it should include to make it a real success. There are so many extra options and accessories to choose from deciding what is essential for your dream campervan takes some time and planning.

Sleeping space

One of the most important things for a campervan conversion is sufficient sleeping space. Fitting extra sleeping space into a campervan does not have to take up any more living space, as a well-designed campervan conversion can be adapted to include extra only when it is needed. There is the obvious elevated roof space for bed space. However, if you want to invite friends, or are planning on taking the kids then you will need more room to sleep.

Cascade Conversions have developed a unique U-shaped Solace Conversion, where the back seats can convert from a dining area into a comfortable bed, without taking up any extra living or dining space.

Legal seats

Having sufficient legal seats to give people a lift in your campervan is very useful as then you can use it as an everyday vehicle for shorter trips with friends and family. It is crucial that any seats in your converted campervan meet all the required safety standards to make them legal.

Storage space

When you are on a campervan holiday, whether it is a quick weekend or an extended trip, you will need ample storeage space. This is not just for your own sanity when you are camping, but you also need to be able to store everything away safely when you are travelling. When looking at different campervan conversion layouts go for one with as much storage space as possible.

Also look at how your storage space can be accessed. Being able to get to your luggage from the outside, as well as the inside of your campervan is very useful, especially for outdoor equipment that can get wet and mucky.

Kitchen equipment

A kitchen that provides you with everything you need is a real asset in a campervan. Somewhere to boil the kettle, cook a good meal and a fridge to keep food and drink cool is all essential for a good holiday.

Enough space to store utensils and food will save you continually going backwards and forwards to the shop. This is a necessity for anyone who likes to get away from it all when they are on a converted campervan holiday.