Camper vanning with your kids

A family holiday in a converted camper van is fun and rewarding. Your kids can enjoy the great outdoors, you can explore new places, spend quality family time together and create new wonderful memories.

However, the rewards do not come without some forward planning and organisation. Children tire easily and their needs still need to be met in order to keep them cheerful and prevent bad moods and tantrums.

Knowing what to pack is the first step to a successful family holiday in a converted camper van. It is much better to pack light and to be realistic about exactly what you will all need. The lighter you pack the tidier your converted camper van will stay and the easier it will be to find things. Your kids can only play with so much at once, so don’t feel you have to pack everything to keep them entertained.

Sticking to some form a routine will help to ensure your kids don’t get overly tired or go too long between mealtimes. It will also help to manage your kids’ expectations of precisely how late they are able to stay up and what they are allowed to do.

That being said, it is essential that you don’t get hung up on sticking to a routine. If you are all out having lots of fun then rushing home for bedtime isn’t a top priority when you are on holiday. Everyone letting their hair down a bit will make the holiday more enjoyable and lead to less arguments.

Flexibility around the schedule and your plans will mean you greatly reduce any pressure or stress around what to do each day. If your kids get tired you can spend a day relaxing by the van, or if they are really enjoying one place then you can stay on for a day or two longer than planned.

Let your kids pick some of the activities so they feel involved in the planning process and more likely to fully participate in the holiday. Putting their planned treats towards the end of the holiday will also give them something to look forward to and keep them cheerful during any of the parts that they find more boring.

Camp sites will have more on offer for kids than any roadside stops. There will be safe places for them to play and hopefully some other children around for them to play with, so they can make new friends and have a break from the sole company of the family. If the weather takes the turn for the worse do not be afraid to spend a night in a B & B or hotel so everyone can dry out and warm up.

Heading away on holiday in a converted camper van as family is fun and exciting. Provided your kids are entertained and given enough time to go at their own pace the adults will also have a wonderful time.