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Campervanning problems and solutions

We would love to say that spending a long time in a converted campervan is a bed of roses, but unfortunately it isn’t. Of course, it is very rewarding and we love it, but there are a few practicality problems and hiccups that can come with campervanning. But for every problem there is also a

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Should you wild camp with your campervan?

What is wild camping? Wild camping involves parking your campervan somewhere legal and camping for free. There are many hazy laws, by-laws and local authority regulations about where you can and can’t park for the night, but generally, you have to keep all ‘camping items’ inside the vehicle. How do you know if it is

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Campervan holiday activities to please the whole family

If you are planning a summer holiday with the whole family in your campervan, then the chances are that you have started to plan some daytime activities and found that pleasing everyone is a difficult business. The age range presents certain challenges as can your children’s differing tastes and interests. However, if you follow a

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Campervanning in the rain

Anyone who has ever been to Wales in the summer knows that it is a beautiful place with endless opportunity for adventure. However, it is also prone to a spot of rain. But we don’t let that put us off. There a various tricks to a successful campervan trip in the rain and as we

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Five Of The Best Festivals In Wales

At Cascade Conversions we are very lucky to be based in Wales. There is so much to see and do here and we love nothing more than taking our converted campervans around Wales to some of the best festivals in the country. Here are a few of our top picks: Volksfest Naturally, we love to

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Why people love the Solace conversion

The Solace Conversion  is one of the most popular campervan conversions that we work on because it is just packed with features that not only make it a winner with outdoor activity enthusiasts, but with families or people who love to roam far and wide at on a whim, it is loved by all. The

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Top extras for your campervan conversion

When you are planning your campervan conversion you may have collected a lot of ideas from seeing other conversions and have a good plan of how you want your van to look and what functions you want it to perform, but did you know that there are a whole wealth of additional extras that you

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Best campervan conversion for surfers

If you are a keen surfer you will have specific requirements that you need fulfilling when you are looking into the most suitable campervan conversion for you.  Surfing brings with it not just lots of trips away to wonderful locations, but also a need for some bespoke tinkering within your van to make it fully

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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Campervan

Campervans are still gaining popularity, especially as people strive to achieve a work-life balance in their hectic worlds.  Many have grown up with campervan holidays being a staple of their younger years, but more and more people are stumbling upon a world that they knew little about, and finding that the world of campervanning opens

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