Best campervan conversion for surfers

If you are a keen surfer you will have specific requirements that you need fulfilling when you are looking into the most suitable campervan conversion for you.  Surfing brings with it not just lots of trips away to wonderful locations, but also a need for some bespoke tinkering within your van to make it fully compatible with your hobby/love of your life!

The rapid surfbus/crewbus is definitely your perfect fit if you are a surfer.  Its functionality and style are ideal for an outdoor lifestyle.  You can choose from a large range of custom parts and accessories to make your van conversion bespoke to you and as minimal or extravagant as desired.

The exterior can be enhanced with a whole range of accessories including chrome styling to the wheels and colour coded mirrors and bumpers give a very sleek and finished look and can transform your campervan rapidly.

By using side and tailgate or barn door genuine tinted VW bonded windows you will not only keep the sun’s glare from your interior, and make for a more comfortable travelling experience, but the contents of your van will be more hidden from view to increase security.

Increase your comfort within your van with marine ply flooring and fully lined with a rot proof flock carpet in a variety of colours/styles.  Fully insulated and sound proofed interior are part of the conversion too.  You will not regret the insulation in the winter months if you are in the UK or beyond and you certainly will love the soundproofing when you are trying to get a good night of sleep whilst away from home!

Whether you want leather upholstery as an extra or not, the fitted fixed seating is fully up to all of the safety standards and you can have two, three or four seating options depending upon your needs.  They are really comfortable seats and all are fitted with 3 point locking seat belts so that you can all travel in style.

If you really want a rapid surfbus/crewbus conversion but don’t yet have a campervan, do not fear, as here at Cascade Conversions we can source vehicles on behalf of our customers with extremely high standards and competitive prices and then crack on with the conversion in house.

We also understand the importance of every aspect of your conversion being unique to you and your dream vision, so do not be afraid to work out exactly what you want and we will build it for you!