Best Accessories for your Converted Campervan

You spend hours in your converted campervan and you want it to show off some of your personality, but you also want it to have some wonderfully sensible accessories that will actually serve a purpose rather than taking up much-needed space when you are away from home. So here are our run-down of the best accessories for your converted campervan whether you intend to go for day trips or stay in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time:

A bed is obviously going to be the ultimate accessory if you are spending any time away from home and do not want the hassle of tents or other accommodation costs. A Rock and Roll bed system can be a great option if you are short on space as it incorporates all of the safety features required for passengers to sit on whilst travelling, but are easy to convert, or a pop-up roof to give space for an actual bedroom.

Swivel functions for the driver and front passenger seats are brilliant as they make so much more space available within your van.

Mini Fridge or cooler depending on where you will be staying i.e. will you have an electricity supply, or will you have to keep stocking up your ice supply. Really useful when staying away from home any length of time, especially when you have to make your own food….which leads on to:

Depending on how much you intend to cook for yourself, or whether you will be mainly frequenting pubs and restaurants, it is always a great idea to have adequate cooking facilities so that you can at least rustle up some quick and simple meals on the go. Double stoves or a grill are great accessories are all you need in order to create a full meal for your party. Also consider your kettle, as you will be using it a lot for not only drinks but also making meals. You can get good battery operated kettles for those trips away from electricity.

Make sure you are always toasty with accessories ranging from a hot water bottle and appropriate clothing up to more expensive and suitable gas heaters (never sleep with it on). Always worthwhile having a stash of suitable blankets and a really good quality sleeping bag and an easily cleanable shaggy rug for when you take your shoes off!

Entertainment – a dvd player, a guitar or an ipod and docking station, can really lift the spirits of especially younger members of your family if you are staying away from civilisation, and of course to help on those days when it simply rains! Also think about your sound system if you will be covering the mileage, so that you have all of the modern technology options to sing your way on your travels. Remember that you may need battery operated versions if you will not be hooked up to electricity, pack a stash of batteries! Also think about games that are suitable for the whole of your group, board games are great as you can stow them away easily, and take some outdoor kit, but it may be a good idea to get these at charity shops or off ebay so that you don’t mind if they get damaged or lost along the way!

A portable shower – type dependent on the price you want to pay – are a great investment if you spend lots of your travelling time in the wilderness, and the ones with solar panel heating are great for the summer months to save having to heat the water separately.

Ultimately, what accessories you choose for your van will be determined by your personal needs, how far and for how long you intend to travel for home, and whether you will have a ready supply of electricity and water at your destination/s. These accessories will certainly make it a more comfortable trip.