Avoiding Disaster In Your Converted Campervan

When you are on your summer holidays in your converted campervan you want to come back with a series of happy memories and fun stories for your friends. However, some people return from their trip with horror stories and injuries.

Although accidents can happen at any time, there are some simple steps that you can take to greatly reduce the chance of having an accident on your campervan trip.

Concentrate On Your Conversion

Ensuring you have a proper, legal and safe conversion is the first step to a safe getaway. All passenger seats must be properly fitted and legal for travelling and all appliances must be safe and not at risk from gas leaks, or faulty electrics. A proper and professional campervan conversion will ensure that you are not at risk from anything going wrong with your vehicle.

Service Your Campervan

Before you head out ensure your campervan is up-to-date with its service and you have checked all the tyres and lights etc. This will greatly reduce the risk of any breakdowns.

Don’t Push It

You may be on holiday but there is no need to overdo it. If you are doing a lot of driving you need to have had a good nights sleep and have plenty of stops and breaks along the way. It is much better to arrive late than not at all.

Don’t Hide Your Keys In The Wheel Arch

If you’ve parked your campervan and want to head out for a surf or some other activity that makes it difficult to have your keys, do not hide them in the wheel arch. Everyone hides their keys in the wheel arch and thieves know this and check vans and cars in popular spots. Instead buy a magnetic box that you can wedge well out of site under your van, get a copy of the basic non-electronic key that you can attach inside your wetsuit and lock the main keys inside the van, or take it in turns to head out for a surf.

Standing, shivering in a car park with no campervan in sight is not fun. The police and your insurance company won’t be very sympathetic about badly hidden keys either.

Keep Your Common Sense

When people relax on holiday sometimes they relax a bit too much and forget their basic common sense. Being on holiday won’t make you invincible. It is a great time to try new things, but within your normal limits.

Ask The Locals

The joy of heading away in your converted campervan is that you can go to some really remote and beautiful spots. You can head out and take part in your favourite outdoor activity somewhere new and exciting.

However, the open countryside isn’t Centre Parcs, it comes with some very real dangers. Beautiful beaches can have strong and deadly rip-tides, local surfing spots can have rocks just below the surface, great kayaking rivers can flash flood and scenic walks can be prone to very changeable weather.

Before you head out on a grand adventure, either take the time to read up about it and any dangers or chat to the locals. They will be able to tell you where is safe and where isn’t or what to look out for. They will know what beaches will be cut off by tides and when and what can go wrong in different spots in their local area.