Are VW Campervan Conversions The New Holiday Homes?

A holiday home on the beachUp until the recession hit a couple of years ago and people began pulling their purse strings together, it seemed as though every man and his dog had access to a holiday home.

We all need our holidays, no matter how much we enjoy our work or how relaxed we believe we are on a general basis – there’s nothing better than knowing we’ve got a week or two away from our normal lives and can enjoy it truly doing whatever it is we want.

And with a holiday home, all you basically need to do is pack your suitcase, book a flight and you’re there.  All of your accommodation is obviously arranged and it’s very much a home away from home.

But as great as holiday homes are, they can bring with them huge costs.  Aside from the initial outlay, which could very easily match the amount of money you paid for your own home, you might only use it four weeks of the year – what are you going to do with the other 48?

You could of course rent it out, but you’ve then got all of the legalities behind it, as well as the maintenance, letting agent’s fees and not to mention the paperwork you’ll have to do regularly for tax purposes.

It’s because of this why we believe converted VW campervans – when coupled with the fact holidaying closer to home is becoming increasingly popular – are being seen by many as the new holiday homes.

On a basic level, campervan conversions are the same as a holiday home in the sense that you have accommodation you can access whenever you want and which you know fits your specific needs.

But this is where the similarities end, as the simple fact is campervans offer considerably more flexibility, are much cheaper to both buy and maintain and are, in many ways, a much better alternative for most.

For example, when you have a holiday home – let’s say in Spain – and you want to enjoy it for a couple of days, you have to plan when you go around when it’s free if you’re renting it out.

You also have to plan it around work, as you’re likely to want to go at least some point during the working week if you’re taking the time to fly out there.

You’re then going to have to set aside money for flights and transfers and spend some time on the run up to it making sure you’ve packed everything you’re going to need, as well as organising your foreign currency.

Now look at the same scenario – wanting to go away – when you own a campervan.

You don’t have to plan in advance or around anything major, as you could jump in on a Friday evening after work and be back on a Sunday evening.

Plus, the only real costs you’re going to have are your fuel and any pitch fees if you’re staying on a camping or caravanning site.

In terms of packing, you could even have a suitcase of your ‘going away’ clothes kept in the campervan at all times, meaning you don’t even have to think about it at all!

We’re not saying VW campervan conversions are the perfect choice for everyone who’s looking for a holiday home, but we do feel confident in saying that for many, they could be the better option – for a whole host of reasons – giving you the ability to enjoy a holiday more frequently and on a much cheaper basis.

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