Are DIY Campervan Conversions Really A Possibility?

Campervan Seating Area Converted Into A BedWhenever we deliver a completed VW campervan conversion, we’re confident that it’s going to be perfectly suited to your needs.

Our knowledge and experience gained over many years has allowed us to – after discussing intently the possibilities and options of a conversion with our customers – go away and develop the ideal conversion for their requirements.

Right down to the finest detail, we enjoy seeing how satisfied our customers are with the final product, especially as they haven’t had to lift a finger!

But whilst we aim to keep our prices as low as they can possibly be, we understand that in the current economy everyone’s trying to save money where they can and so we often hear talk of DIY campervan conversions.

But how much of a possibility are they?  Can you really carry out a full conversion yourself?

And in many ways, the answer is yes, you can.  However, you have to understand that whilst you can essentially do anything yourself, it doesn’t necessarily make it the best option – or indeed, the most cost-effective one.

For instance, when you do a DIY project, it’s often going to take a considerable amount of time longer than if you hired a professional to do it.  We’re not just talking about campervan conversions here, but anything – in theory, we can all install new toilets at home, build a door or landscape our gardens, but by the time we’ve worked out exactly what needs to be done, a professional could no doubt have been in and had the job completed.

Plus, you have to think about the tools, parts and appliances, too.  A professional will have every tool to hand and will be able to purchase parts and appliances at trade prices.  As general members of the public, everything’s going to have a retail cost on it – a couple of pounds here and a few there might not seem like a huge amount individually, but when you’re working on a big project such as a campervan conversion, it could easily mount up into hundreds if not thousands.

What you also have to consider is that if you’re wanting to make any changes or improvements to the gas, water or electrics in your campervan, it’s always advisable – if not a legal requirement in some instances – to call a professional.

We truly enjoy carrying out campervan conversions and are extremely confident that the service we provide will result in a vehicle that will be perfectly suited to your needs and expectations.

Whilst we’re more than happy to talk about DIY conversions, we really do believe that if you’re doing it to save money, this is unlikely to happen, as the sheer volume of work, tools and parts that are required – as well as the time investment – can make it a more expensive DIY project than you first anticipated.

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