Adapting to van life

If you are new to campervan life or haven’t been on the road for awhile then you may take a little time to adjust to the freedom and the compact living space.

Some people when they first hit the road can let their vans get a little untidy, to put it politely. However, this is not great for you, your travel mates or anyone who sees your van. It is easy to lose things and waste a lot of time if your van doesn’t stay organised. It also means a lot of cleaning when you get home to make sure your van doesn’t get damp or mouldy.

Clever packing and staying organised are essential for an enjoyable and stress-free time on the road. Before you set out it is crucial that everything you take with you can be easily and safely packed away. Knowing where everything lives before you go will help you to keep it all organised when your holiday spirit takes over.

You should be very tactical about where everything goes. Anything that is likely to get wet or muddy should be stored somewhere that can be accessed from the outside of your van and kept separately from anything that really doesn’t want to get wet or muddy.

Food must be kept organised so you can see what you have left and make sure nothing goes off and is wasted. Even though you are on holiday, keeping on top of the washing up is also essential when you are living in your converted campervan. You can soon run out of plates and cutlery and if kitchen equipment isn’t kept properly stored away it means a lot of work each time you want to drive on to the next destination.

A few golden rules will ensure your van life goes smoothly. Common sense such as no outdoor shoes in the living area will greatly reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do. Get into a routine of storing your sleeping stuff as soon as you get up and give the van a quick sweep before you head out.

If you haven’t spent time living in a small space then it can be difficult to adapt to a converted campervan, but if you stay organised you will soon be very comfortable. At Cascade Conversions in South Wales we always ensure our conversions have ample storage and are designed in such a way that living is very easy.