7 Interesting Facts About VW Campers

A blue T5 campervan conversionAt Cascade Conversions, our campervan conversions are all based on VW campers, generally the T5.

The basic chassis – the Transporter (which is what the ‘T’ stands for) – is hugely popular and is the frame upon which the most popular campervans from VW are built.

With everyone likely to be able to recognise at least one of the many VW campers that have been produced over the years, in many ways they’ve become an iconic vehicle.

Having been manufactured for well over 60 years now, they’ve got a particularly interesting and intriguing history, packed full of facts and pieces of information that are funny, fascinating and / or completely unbelievable – and these seven are some of our favourites.

1.  Back in 2009, it was announced that the one millionth T5 had been produced.  This means that at an average of 5 metres in length, if they were placed bumper to bumper, they’d stretch from the west coast of America to the east, with a couple of thousand starting the journey across the Atlantic.

2.  According to Danbury Motorcaravans, the most popular colour for the T2 is light blue, followed by light green and then black.  The least popular is silver.

3.  Although VW campers are known largely (if not almost exclusively) for being just that – campervans – they’ve actually been built for a variety of other purposes over the years, including a particularly interesting looking pick-up truck.

4.  If there’s one other VW vehicle that’s as iconic as the campers, it’s the Beetles – and for many of the early years at least, the campervans were made from several parts used in the Beetle, including the engine.

5.  Talking about the engine, the T2 was originally fitted with a relatively tiny 1.2 litre engine – that’s just .2 of a litre bigger than VW’s current smallest car, the ‘up!’.

6.  Arguably the most notable campervan produced by VW, manufacturing for the T2 will cease on 31st December 2013, after 63 years in production.

7.  If you’re hiding away an original VW campervan in your garage, chances are you’re sitting on a goldmine.  Going by the huge amounts of second hand originals that have been sold in recent years, if it’s in a good condition, you could sell it and go buy yourself a brand new one!

We’ve developed an extensive knowledge of all things VW campervan related over the years and these seven facts are just some of our favourite.

If you’d like to know anything about the VW campervan conversions we offer or have any questions about VW campers in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below.

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