5 Essential Items For Your Converted Camper Van Holiday

No matter where you go on your camper van holiday and no matter how long you go for there are a few items to take with you which will make your trip a lot easier. It is best to travel light on a campervan holiday so you can stay organised, but some things you won’t want to live without.


You can plan your camper van holiday as much as you like, but you simply can’t plan the weather. Even if your final destination is hot and sunny, you still have to travel to get there and that leaves you at risk of getting rained on.

Having a decent set of waterproofs on hand will ensure that a spell of bad weather doesn’t mean that you are stranded indoors and unable to get out and explore.

Microfibre towel

A towel hanging by the door of your converted camper van will be one of the most useful things you have on a campervan holiday. When you come in from a day of adventuring you can wipe shoes, dry equipment and not bring too much mess into your home-from-home. A microfibre towel will dry quickly so it will stay nice.

Washing line

A makeshift washing line doesn’t take up much space and will mean that you don’t have to pack so many clothes. Being able to dry your clothes, towels and swimming gear easily will mean that everything will stay fresh and be ready to use again the next day.

Cooking equipment

A set of camping pots and pans are light and don’t take up much space. However, they will greatly increase your culinary options while you travel. A few different pots and pans will mean you can create more interesting meals and not be limited to very basic meals. Camper-vanning is very social and you never know who you might end up cooking for and when you will want the choice to create something a little more interesting. It is still worth stocking your cupboards with emergency basics as well such as dried pasta and tins of beans, for when you’re not so adventurous.

First aid kit

You won’t regret travelling with a well stocked first aid kit. Being on holiday alters your sense of risk and accidents are more likely to happen. Taking plasters, bandages and basic medicines such as paracetamol, pain killers and antihistamine will stop any minor ailments or injuries becoming worse and will mean that you don’t have to waste any of your holiday looking for the nearest pharmacist.