4 Gadgets And Accessories To Make Your Campervan Holiday More Comfortable

Glow in the dark toilet paperWhat makes campervan holidays so great? There are a lot of factors – we know that if we asked each of our customers this question, they would come back with so many unique and interesting reasons!

One of the main draws has to be the simplicity of the experience. When you escape to the countryside, the beach or the woods, you leave behind a lot of the literal and metaphorical baggage of everyday life.

What exactly that means varies from person to person, but many people like to rid themselves of things they just don’t need when they’re trying to relax – whether that’s TV, the internet, social obligations and polluted city air.

On the other hand, sometimes it seems you can deprive yourself of too much, and you long for the comforts of home. A properly converted campervan will contain amenities that might be considered luxuries in more budget options – showers or stoves for instance.

But some people need more. And recognising this, we’ve collected together some of the best gadgets and accessories we’ve come across to help you make the most of your caravan or campervan holiday.

Whether they’re genuinely useful or just a bit of fun, maybe you could consider bringing these along on your next trip if you find there’s some kind of amenity you would rather have on board.

Solar chargers

When you’re out in the back of beyond, you may not have a lot or any electricity on hand. Sometimes that’s just what you need to create a distraction-free holiday, but it’s not too much to ask to at least be able to charge your mobile phone.

Sun-powered chargers are widely and cheaply available for this exact purpose. On a bright summer holiday, it could be just what you need.

Coffee makers

No matter how much you like to strip away the excess on your holiday, most of us feel much better about mornings with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

If you’d prefer not to drink instant coffee, but crave the real stuff instead, this could give you the ‘get up and go’ you crave.

Glow in the dark toilet paper

You’ll probably think this is either brilliant or useless. If you don’t think much of the idea, you may change your mind if you find yourself stumbling around the bathroom of your converted VW campervan one night – so perhaps it’s best to be prepared.

Super binoculars

Many people like to take to the great outdoors to observe wildlife – birds, trees and woodland animals alike. If you get really far out you can even observe the night sky with a minimum of light pollution.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll want to take a good pair of binoculars. Or you could take a great pair of binoculars, with 3D and HD recording options and image stabilisation.

Whatever you find helps you enjoy your campervan holiday, we want to hear about it. Share your tips in the comments below!

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