3 Ways VW Campervans Can Make Holidaying With Children Easier

A number of colourful boats turned upside downSpeak to any parent around the world and it’s highly likely that when they started to look at booking their first holiday with their children, they looked at what seemed like every destination around the world and every type of holiday possible.

From villas that you can drive to in the south of France through to apartments in family-orientated complexes on the other side of the world, there’s a huge amount of choice available.

The problem is, a lot of the time you’ll opt for a holiday that only fulfils part of your requirements.  You’ll no doubt have a great time and lots of fond memories, but when you’re there, you’re likely to feel something’s missing and a lot of the time, this’ll be when you’re trying to please your children, but also have a bit of a holiday yourself!

Whilst we’re not saying a holiday in a VW campervan is going to be perfect for every family, we do feel it’s important they’re at least considered by all, as there are a number of ways they can make holidaying with children both easier and more enjoyable – and these three ways are prime examples.

1.  You aren’t restricted to a resort’s activities

No matter how many activities a holiday resort may offer, they just might not suit your children’s – or your – needs.

When you’ve got your own campervan, this doesn’t have to be a problem, as you can literally drive to somewhere new every day and explore what’s on offer.  You can even use one place as a base, but as you have transport, setting off at 8am on a morning means you could be in a vast array of different places come 10am.

2.  You’ll be with your children at all times

Ever since Madeline McCann was taken from her hotel room in May 2007 whilst her parents were eating at a restaurant little over 100 yards away, parents have been more cautious on holiday than they ever have been.

When you’re on a holiday in a VW campervan, you’re always with your children.  Your campervan (and the surrounding area) is everything from a bedroom through to a play area and particularly at night, you can relax sitting outside with a glass of wine and some good food whilst your children sleep just feet away within eyesight.

3.  You can enjoy the great outdoors

When children are young, one of the main things they want to do is be outside.  They want to be running around, riding their bikes, playing football and generally just enjoying not having to be in the house.

With a VW campervan, parking up on a camping and caravan site you’ll find that green space for them to do just this in is in abundance!

Your children will be able go from being in bed to rolling around on the grass in a matter of seconds – and as we said above, you’ll be able to see them doing so at all times – enjoying themselves right throughout the day (and hopefully tiring themselves out, too!).

As a company offering VW campervan conversions, we know just how beneficial they can be in a variety of different ways and using them to go on holiday with young children really does bring with it a number of fantastic benefits.

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