3 Reasons So Many People Love VW Campervans

An internal view of a VW campervan kitchen and seating areaAs you’ll be aware if you read our blog regularly (or simply know a little about our company), we’re huge fans of VW campervans.

Loving them for a vast array of different reasons, we’ve been having a think recently about why so many people do love them and the following three reasons sum up, in our eyes, just why VW campervans are as popular today as they ever have been.

1.  They remind people of happy times

Whenever you think of VW campervans, what’s the first thing you think of?  For many, it’s going to be a beach, probably in the 1960s, where people are laughing and generally having a good time.

Even if you weren’t there (or even born then!), the pictures, films and stories we see and hear imprint this image on our mind.

And even if it’s not exactly the case all the time, there’s little doubt that you’d find it difficult not to have a good time if you have a VW campervan nearby, are on a beach and surrounded with your friends and family.

2.  They give you quick, easy access to the open road

Many of us work in jobs where, come 5.00pm on a Friday, we can’t wait to get away.  No matter how much we might love our role, there are few better feelings than knowing you’ve finished work for 48 hours.

Rather than sit at home, however, it’s so often wished that you could head off somewhere, even for just one night – and that’s exactly what VW campervans allow you to do.

Keep them packed up with the essentials and there’s absolutely no reason why, as soon as you leave the office, you can’t jump in your campervan and head off.

Plus, being in the UK, the vast majority of us live within an hour or two of the coast, making the first point above a reality whenever you wish.

3.  They can be whatever you want them to be

Some people like hotels, which is great.  Other people love caravans, which is fantastic.  Plenty more people like camping – perfect!

We all have different tastes and all enjoy different things.

However, the above three things all have restrictions of some type – with a VW campervan, you get all of the benefits, but none of the negatives!

Your own bed, your own vehicle, the ability to go and stop whenever and wherever you wish and the only on-going cost is a basic level of maintenance.

What more could you ask for?

Separately, these points would make for a fantastic reason to invest in anything.  Put them all together, however and you begin to realise just why VW campervans are so considerably popular.

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