3 Of The Most Unnecessary Pieces Of Camping Equipment We've Seen

A wooden sign with a white tent and arrow on itWe strongly believe that most people can enjoy a camping and caravanning holiday.

Whether you’re staying in a cheap but cheerful, two-man tent or a campervan that appears to be bigger than some people’s houses, there’s something particularly special about being in the great outdoors.

For a lot of people, they don’t need much more than the basic necessities.  Somewhere to sleep and something to make some food with is about all that’s actually needed when we get right down to it.

However, with the industry being a huge one, there are some companies out there who have created products that, simply put, just aren’t required.

They may be useful in a certain sense (although sometimes we’re not entirely sure what sense this may be!), but they’re sometimes just offering a level of comfort that suggests you’re not going to be enjoying camping in the first place – and these three are some of the most unusual and unnecessary products we’ve come across.

1.  TreePee

For anyone who has been camping away from a campsite, you’ll know that one of the most difficult things to do is finding somewhere perfect to pitch your tent.

Or at the very least, somewhere that doesn’t have a huge amount of debris on the floor.

Whilst we understand the TreePree can be beneficial in this sense (it’s essentially a tent that hangs from a tree), our issue with it comes when you realise your task of finding a suitable camping spot has increased in difficulty, as you now have to not only find a tree with enough space around it, but with a branch that is suitable for the TreePee to affix to (bearing in mind it’s got to hold your weight, too).

2.  JakPak

One of those products that we’re struggling to understand which sense it would be useful in, the JakPak is basically a coat that turns into an all-in-one sleeping bag and tent.

We don’t have a great amount to say on this, as we really don’t know who its audience is – seasoned campers will have the quality, traditional equipment and those looking for a quick solution will find that with many of today’s tents, you can get them up quicker than it takes to transform a JakPak jacket into a sleeping bag / tent.

3.  Handpresso

Firstly, we really like this item in theory, as it provides you with the ability to have an espresso wherever you are – perfect if you love your coffee!

The reason for its placement on this list is if you’re camping and are that desperate for an espresso, chances are you’re not going to enjoy the whole experience and just having an espresso isn’t going to make things a whole lot better.

Whilst we’re personally huge fans of spending our time in campervan conversions, where perhaps there’s more luxury than most tents (and many caravans), although we’re sure the above three products are fantastic, we’re certain we’re not the only ones who wonder just how they can improve the camping experience considerably!

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