2 Simple Steps To Taking Last Minute Breaks In Your VW Campervan

A sunset with a farm and a road in the foregroundOne of the reasons why so many of us love VW campers is that they offer an immense amount of flexibility.

They can be fantastic as they’re essentially a self-contained unit that we can simply drive off in without any form of planning whenever we want to go away – or at least that’s the idea.

As anyone with a campervan will tell you, this isn’t often the case and although having a campervan does make the whole ‘last minute break’ scenario much easier, it can still end up requiring a lot of planning and preparation.

That is, assuming you don’t take a bit of time now to get yourself ready for future breaks.

With a few different points to consider, by following these two steps, you should be able to ensure that when the time comes in the future for a last minute break, you really will be able to just jump in and drive off in your campervan.

1.  Keep some essential food inside

One of the reasons why so many of us can’t just get in and go is because we feel we have to pack enough food for a small army beforehand, something that involves spending at least one hour in the supermarket.

The best way to avoid this is to keep the basic, essential foods in your campervan at all times.

We’re not talking about essential food in terms of having the basics to live on, but food that you could use to prepare a meal or drink and which doesn’t have short ‘use by’ dates or needs refrigerating constantly.

Dried pasta.  Tinned tomatoes.  Dried herbs.  Instant coffee.  Tea bags. UHT milk.  Cereal.  Diluting juice. They’re just eight simple items, but out of them you could create an evening meal and breakfast, along with hot and cold drinks.

It’s obviously not going to last you a week, but that’s not the idea.  It just means you can rest assured you’ll always have something to eat and drink and once you’ve decided where you’re going, you can visit a supermarket when you’re there.

2.  Just do it

This might sound like a really obvious or perhaps even ‘silly’ point, but whenever we think about a last minute break, one of the things that stops us from going is because we worry.

We worry that we won’t get the washing done.  We worry that we might get home late at night.  We worry that we might not have anything in to eat for breakfast after we come back.

The more we think about it, the more we worry and the more we worry, the further away we get from going.

Simply put, when you’re looking for a last minute break, go home, throw a few clothes into a bag, pick up your toiletries, lock the house and then jump in your campervan.  That’s it, done.

We’re not saying to be reckless here or to ignore something that needs doing and we know that this simply won’t be a possibility for some, but rather than worry about what are very likely to be trivial points, push them to the back of your mind and get driving.

Think about it – if you’re only going for an overnight break or a weekend away, is there really anything that can happen in 24 or 48 hours that can’t be sorted when you return?

As a company specialising in campervan conversions, we talk to various different people regularly about their experiences in their campervan, with plenty loving the freedom they offer.

But with many more not truly benefiting from their campervan’s flexibility, whilst these steps may be simple and straight to the point, we guarantee they’ll mean you really can enjoy last minute breaks in your campervan.

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